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We take pride in the service we provide our clients. Our "Know Your Client" philosophy informs every aspect of our business. We commit to promptly returning phone calls, to listening to our clients questions and concerns, to providing those services that fit individual circumstances, and to building a long-term financial strategy designed to be a foundation of our clients' futures. We take the time to answer any and all of our clients questions and to assist them with all of their financial planning, management and investment needs.

Managing Client's Financial Affairs

  • At client's request: monitor investments for appropriate risk-balance investment structure across client retirement and personal accounts
  • Work closely with client's professional advisors - attorneys and accountants- to determine what is financially advantageous to the client
  • Communicate with prior brokerage firms ensuring smooth transition of accounts along with the reconciliation of all funds
  • Identify account options with estate preservation and inheritance goals in mind
  • Assist with inherited accounts, inheritance filings, and date of death account valuations and updates
  • Monitor yearly Required Minimum Distributions for clients and advise on distribution options
  • Follow company merges and acquisitions in client's existing investment portfolios
  • Assist client with stock certificate changes

Effectively Managing Client Accounts

  • Disbursement of funds via EFT to personal bank accounts, check, transfer to a third party or federal fund wire
  • Recurring bill pay and/or transfers from brokerage account for sustainable financial management
  • Provide monthly newsletter to all clients related to the current month's economic and financial news
  • Solve client's inquiries ranging from purchasing or selling securities to on-line viewing
  • Offer electronic Weekly Market Update financial news recap
  • Simplify client fund transfer using verbal approval system

Investment Management

  • Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, cash management
  • Risk tolerance: agressive vs. conservative and goal meeting
  • Tax considerations: taxable, tax-advantaged, & tax-free options
  • Personal, business, and generational planning 

Risk Management and Insurance

  • Life insurance, annuities

Retirement Planning

  • IRAs, ROTHs, 401(k)s, Simple-IRAs, social security review, retirement income analysis, iindividual401(k) plans
  • Retirement account transfer assistance

Trust and Estate Consultation

  • Living trusts, asset titling, gifting, charitable donations, durable power of attorney, wills, transfer on death accounts, health care POA

Financial Planning

  • Provide written financial goal plan: goal setting, information gathering, analysis, strategy consultation, review recommendations, put plan into motion, monitor and review
  • Generational impact and family planning
  • Family meeting consultation

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Hybrid or traditional Long Term Care insurance

College Savings Strategies

  • College savings plans - 529 Plans, UTMAs, UGMAs, Financial Aid, Student Loans

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